Responsiveness is the moral and spiritual quality of an individual, which helps him to see in people their true qualities, contributes to the manifestation of generosity, tolerance, generosity regarding these individuals. A responsive person always knows how to find a common language with others. His behavior is based on a highly developed sense of empathy, sensitivity, emotionality. For people with these qualities, altruism is paramount. A person who easily responds to the requests of others always seeks to help, sometimes at a loss to his own feelings. Over development of such responsiveness can lead to bad consequences, such a person will be considered annoying, always creeping into the wrong.

What is responsiveness

Being responsive means always helping others, regardless of their own prejudices and worldviews. Sincere sensitivity to the emotional state of the opponent, to his problems and experiences - this is very rare in modern society.

The “responsiveness” property itself forms a combination of several positive qualities: delicacy, sincerity, cordiality, attentiveness, respect for the treatment, taking into account all the features of the interlocutor (age, gender, status). Analyzing these components, we can indicate that such a property as responsiveness is systemic and multifaceted, while it is closely associated with tact.

Whether human responsiveness is an acquired quality or is it naturally difficult for a person to be identified by nature. At the same time, a number of scientists conducted some tests. To identify the features of manifestation or predisposition to this quality, observation and experiment methods were used. So the subjects in the course of the study had to answer carefully selected questions. During the study, their behavior was carefully monitored. In addition, absolutely each of the participants gave permission to take blood tests, to study their DNA. Comparing the data obtained, scientists found that people who showed responsiveness above others had some noticeable changes in DNA. The production of vasopressin and oxytocin was increased in comparison with others.

Moreover, one should focus on another experiment conducted by scientists at the University of Michigan. They over the course of a couple of years observed 400 couples over fifty years of age who were united by marital responsibilities. These studies have shown that a partner who exhibits the personality “responsiveness” to his partner in absolutely all situations and manifestations is much less likely to get sick. A person who lives in harmony for a long period, while doing positive things, gets a feeling of satisfaction from life. His body is able to actively produce endorphin, which helps to calm the person, as well as pain relief during illness. Therefore, people who are more responsive are much less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

When communicating, a person who has the property of responsiveness is always easy to notice. Such a subject will always be tactful, courteous, to take into account all the qualities of the interlocutor, while his behavior will be restrained without indicating hostility. Responsive individuals always seek to help, even in those circumstances when a person asks for nothing in part. But thanks to a sincere desire to help, sensitivity and empathy, responsive people can hear a cry for help even between the lines. They carefully monitor and analyze the behavioral reaction of other participants in the conversation not only to their own phrases or actions, but also to others. Processing such information, it is typical for such a person to find the most humane style of communication with an opponent. Responsive people are often noted as ideal interlocutors who can not only listen, but also hear the essence of what a person says. Such people easily apologize and admit their guilt. For them, this amounts to absolutely no labor and shame or humiliation. Although it should be noted that such people find it difficult to get into an awkward situation. They know and understand when it is not necessary to ask these or other questions, and when the best help will be - just keep silent.

A person with a high level of responsiveness not only does not do bad things or does not offend, this is a person who always comes to the rescue and does good deeds, independently ask him about it or simply try to help from the bottom of his heart. This is a kind of gratitude feeling of gratitude. A person is able to do good deeds, regardless of the opinions of others, while not waiting for anything in return.

Responsiveness is the quality of kind and smart people. Which in no case will lead you into an awkward situation, will not ask a stupid question, but rather will become an example for others how to behave competently, and help to get out of an awkward situation. In communication, responsive people always listen to others, they accept people as they are, with all the advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, they never try to adapt people to themselves, to their own style of behavior. Most people of this kind of behavior are hard to perceive, they are not satisfied with a person who, according to the first call, runs to help, even to the detriment of their own needs. Therefore, the problem of human responsiveness affects the formation of the family. Responsive people often found families with people of their own kind, and such a union is called ideal.

Nurturing responsiveness

Taking into account the information that was studied by American scientists, it can be assumed that responsiveness is a genetically based factor. But experience shows that education has a greater influence on the development of the quality of responsiveness. What the family gives us from an early age, what teachers educate in school, everything is put off in our worldview and subsequently affects our behavior in society. The attitude that parents show the children to animals, people, nature, is the basis for the formation of responsiveness. If you cultivate compassion, kindness in a child, and learn to respect people's experiences, then this set of qualities will necessarily grow into such an important property as responsiveness in adulthood. Examples of responsiveness are not only good things about people, but also about animals that just can't give anything in return.

After analyzing the behavior of modern society, it can be noted that not everything is as bad as it really is. Over time, a person, noticing that they are being treated badly, understands that his behavior is too harsh or does not meet the standards. When his actions lead to the fact that society gradually rejects him, he shows a desire to change.

How to become a responsive person? First of all, you need to learn how to take people around you, it is very difficult to do it right away. We need to learn to notice what is happening around us. You need to promise yourself that you will become kinder, discover your inner nature, in order to become sincere and sensitive. Every drop of kindness, the smallest compassion, is a big step towards developing responsiveness.

Perhaps everything is much easier than it seems: feeding a homeless dog or cat, moving an old grandmother across the road, these are simple examples of responsiveness. After that, the world can change and play with other colors. Sort out the egoist in yourself, not only do you need help, but everything around you. You will not notice that as soon as you begin to do good deeds on your own, it will directly return to you. In the form of gifts, simple compliments and the same kind help from others. All this is not a close path, and fostering responsiveness in oneself is a very painstaking work. You should not retreat halfway. On the path to excellence, developing responsiveness, you need not to overdo it. Do not forget about such a personality as tact . Indeed, the ability to recognize the line beyond which one does not need to step over in the act of kindness will help you become the most coveted interlocutor, friend, colleague, loved one. Feeling happy, a man hurries to share this joy with the world around him. Be kind and good will definitely come back.

Sometimes a moment comes that puts a person before a choice. The problem of responsiveness lies in the fact that it involves such actions that may be contrary to education or it will be necessary to sacrifice something, using volitional efforts. Being a responsive person is not easy. Responsiveness, as a property is not given to every person, but only to those who know how to put other people's needs in priority over their own. You do not need to look for responsiveness in each person, because in the case when you do not find, this will be followed by disappointment .

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