Persecution mania

persecution mania photo Pursuit mania is a mental dysfunction that may also be referred to as delirium of persecution. Psychiatrists attribute this disorder to the fundamental signs of mental insanity. Under mania, psychiatry refers to a violation of the psyche caused by psychomotor agitation. Often, paranoia or delusional conditions may accompany it. Psychology considers any mania as a pathological insanity on a separate phenomenon or a specific subject.

Pursuit mania, what is it? In this state, the individual is constantly haunted by obsessive thoughts about the object of attraction. An individual suffering from a mania of persecution is convinced that there is a threat; he is sure that someone is following him or is following him. The danger of the condition described is the rapid wear of the body due to the lack of rest and peace due to unobtrusive thoughts. In addition, in a particularly severe course of the described disorder, people can be a danger to the environment and to themselves. Therefore, the question: "how to get rid of the persecution mania" is quite relevant to this day.

Reasons for Mania Pursuit

The ailment under consideration is a rather complex psychological state, to this day not fully understood. However, modern scientists have nevertheless been able to identify a number of factors that provoke the origin of this mental disorder. These include: excessive external locus of control , position (complex) of the victim, learned helplessness, defensive position of the individual.

People with an excessively high external locus of control are more susceptible to the formation of the described pathology than people with a predominant internal locus of control. Individuals who believe that everything in their life is controlled by forces from outside (for example, fate, circumstances, other people) is dominated by an external locus of control, respectively, among subjects who consider themselves responsible for life success and failure - an internal locus of control.

Reasons for persecution mania. The victim complex develops in people when they are constantly offended and destroyed for a long time. Such a complex gradually develops into sustainable behavior and becomes a means of avoiding independent decisions. The greatest fear of such people is the fear of doing wrong, making the wrong decision. People with this complex tend to blame other actors for their own misfortunes, thereby relieving themselves of guilt.

The learned helplessness usually accompanies the victim's complex, although it is expressed somewhat differently. People with this type of behavior always feel their own helplessness, powerlessness. They have the worldview of the victim, therefore they consider only external factors as a source of personal problems. In addition, such individuals feel that they are not able to change anything or stop what is happening.

A person who takes a defensive position is always ready for self-defense at the slightest threat of his own person. Such individuals can perceive even the most harmless remark in their direction as a personal insult. They constantly feel that they are being unjustly persecuted. This forces people with similar behavior to take a stable defensive position.

Many researchers suggest that the origin of the persecution mania is due to a specific constitution of the central nervous system. Also of great importance is the parental education of the baby, the child suffered psychological trauma at an early age stage. These factors in a certain period, coupled with a stressful state, create fertile ground for the occurrence of the violation in question. However, these assumptions of scientists have not yet been fully confirmed.

In psychiatry, the hypothesis is widespread, consisting in the assumption that mania is one of the signs of brain dysfunction. I. Pavlov was the first to argue this point, arguing that the pathological focus of excitation, localized in the brain and causing a violation of the conditioned reflex activity, is the anatomical and physiological cause of the disease in question.

In people, due to drug abuse, alcohol, treatment with certain drugs, with Alzheimer's disease, atherosclerosis, short-term attacks of delusions of persecution may occur.

Symptoms of Mania Pursuit

Each human subject perceives reality through the prism of his own individuality. Due to various ailments of the psyche, some individuals may lose an adequate perception of reality. Violations of mental processes can cause the emergence of various phobias and mania, for example, often schizophrenia persecution mania go “hand in hand”.

In medicine, it is customary to call the ailment described by the term "delirium of persecution." Delirium is a dysfunction of mental activity, due to which erroneous ideas arise that completely take possession of the individual’s consciousness. Such violations are not subject to external adjustment. In other words, it is impossible for a sick person to explain the inadequacy of his perception of reality. The ideas of people suffering from delusions of persecution are based on false messages, which in medicine are called “crooked logic”.

The persecution mania may be an independent symptom or may be a manifestation of another pathology.

The state of delusions of persecution is characterized by a number of specific differences:

- adaptation disorder (the patient cannot function normally and live in society);

- the inability to adjust from the outside;

- is a violation, not a figment of a person’s imagination;

- there is the invention of various facts about reality.

What is the name of the persecution mania in one word? In essence, the described disease is paranoia , which completely captures the human mind. Under the influence of a delusional state, a person may refuse to do the usual actions, for example, refuse food, believing that it is poisoned. People who are sick may be afraid to cross the road, thinking that they want to crush them. It seems to people suffering from persecution mania that dangers await them at every turn, that bandits only wait for a chance to harm them or even kill them. They cannot be dissuaded from their beliefs. Therefore, doctors, answering the question: "how to behave with a sick persecution mania", advise when the slightest signs appear that make it possible to suspect that a loved one has schizophrenia, persecution mania, immediately take such a person to a psychiatrist.

So, the main symptoms of persecution mania are: obsessive thoughts about the threat to life and persecution, pathological jealousy , distrust, aggressiveness , anxiety .

In the process of developing the described pathology, the delusional state takes on various forms. Patients may fear a separate aspect of life. Some suffering persecution mania can clearly determine the date of the persecution, the results of wrecking, which indicates a high level of systematization of delirium.

The delusional state develops gradually, as the “source” of the threat develops, it can change. At first, the patient can only be afraid of the spouse, considering it his main villain, then prejudice can appear against neighbors or other people from his environment. In a sick imagination of a person in a state of delirium, more and more people become participants in a conspiracy against him. Over time, thinking becomes very thorough; patients describe imaginary attempts with detailed accuracy. The descriptions themselves are at the same time unstructured, they can pay equal attention to secondary points and important facts.

In the future, there are changes in the personality of a person. Sick people become tense, aggressive, alert. They do things previously unusual for them, reluctantly answering questions about the causes and goals of such behavior.

How to deal with a sick persecution mania? In the first turn, no need to try to convince him. It must be understood that the patient is not able to realize the true state of things. In such a situation, the only right decision is to consult a psychiatrist.

Mania Pursuit Treatment

To answer the question: “how to get rid of the persecution mania”, you must first make an accurate diagnosis.

You can diagnose the persecution mania after a thorough study of the clinical picture of the disease and the patient’s history, conversations with the patient’s relatives for the most accurate description of the manifestations, detection of harmful addictions (especially drug addiction and alcohol addiction) and cerebral vascular diseases, exclusion or confirmation of the presence of other mental pathologies, conducting electroencephalography, computed tomography of the brain, x-ray studies.

How to treat persecution mania?

The treatment of the described pathology is usually carried out in a hospital setting. It includes drug therapy: tranquilizers, sedatives, psychotropic drugs, psychotherapy (family cognitive-behavioral ) in a particularly severe course - electroshock therapy. All family members participate in family therapy.

For a favorable outcome, systematic medication is important, otherwise the disease can have relapses.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that most often the pathology under consideration is provoked by certain factors, which must be eliminated before starting therapy.

In the case of a particularly severe course, if there is a threat of harm to others or to oneself, the patient is referred for treatment to a specialized institution. Often the disease takes a relapsing course.

With successful drug therapy, the patient is prescribed rehabilitation procedures.

Many are interested in how to treat persecution mania using folk remedies. Unfortunately, traditional medicine is powerless at the stage of relapse. During periods of remission and with a preventive purpose, you can take, after having previously agreed with the doctor, various soothing decoctions, infusions and teas.

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  1. My son experienced stress ... he was very upset ... fell into depression ... began to suffer from persecution mania ... became isolated ... turned to a specialist ... identified in a hospital ... he is bothered by his surroundings from the sick ... he feels healthy ... except for fears ... Are we right ... and will he not spoil his further life ... He drives a car ... drove to the last ... and very good ... Will he return to his normal life ... he is married ... there are no children yet ...

  2. Hello, consult please!
    My brother has a persecution mania for 9 months, supposedly his whole circle is working as an agent of the KNB (KGB), does not recognize anything, does not want to be treated, does not leave home, is very aggressive, breaks down on everything. Who do not know who to contact

    • Hello, Aigul. Psychiatrist consultation needed.

      • ATP, for the tip.
        He doesn’t let anyone in, doesn’t recognize anyone, we can’t deliver him to the necessary doctor. Completely removed from us, sleeps during the day, gets up only at night to eat and watch TV, and that’s all. To start treatment, can you recommend something to calm you down?

  3. Hello, my mother has a persecution mania, 3 weeks ago she broke up with her common-law husband, with whom she lived for five years under stress, after which she moved to live with me, after which she began to say that someone was listening to phone numbers, and on the street she always accompanied by men. I considered her story to be at least not logical and even utter nonsense. She began to run around the neighbors, it seemed to her that she heard the neighbors talking with her pursuers at night on the street. She even found out the name of her pursuer (it is not known how). Honestly, I am desperate and do not know what to do, she does not think that she has problems and does not even want to hear about a psychologist. Can she somehow be convinced that she needs the help of a specialist?

    • Hello, Natalia. Your mother needs a consultation with a psychiatrist (invite him to your home), a psychologist does not deal with treatment.
      “Is it possible to somehow convince her that she needs the help of a specialist?” It must be understood that the patient is not able to realize the true state of things and considers himself absolutely healthy. The treatment of the described pathology is usually carried out in a hospital setting.

  4. Good day! Help me figure it out, we have a friend Kira, she’s 41 years old (we are 4 friends, we’ve been friends for over 20 years), about a year ago she started complaining that she had feelings that someone was chasing her, was listening to the phone and was watching. At first, we did not attach this significance and took everything as a joke, but then it became more - she accused one of us that she was intriguing her, telling someone something about her, and intervening in her personal life. We tried to convince her that nothing like this had ever been and never is. For some time, she calmed down, but then she began to avoid joint meetings and answer phone calls. And now, with renewed vigor, she has already ganged up on everyone else that we interfere in her personal life, in every person she sees a threat, tries to find out for what purpose we are calling her, and why some people are looking at her somehow. Shortly before the first signs of persecution, she survived a divorce. The marriage could not be called happy, but she has a daughter. For which we are worried. Can her condition be called a mental disorder and how can we help her understand this so that she can turn to specialists?

  5. Very dubious disease, how can the nervous system be treated with pills?

  6. My grandmother (64 years old) literally in a month developed a persecution mania, it always seems to her that some women are chasing her and shock her. We turned to a psychiatrist, after talking with her for 30 minutes, he said that most likely it was schizophrenia (without sending her to an MRI or CT scan) that made her leave in a psychiatric hospital (on Saturday). My poor grandmother! well, we went away just to buy toothpaste and went back, and there we found such a picture, my grandmother hung on the bars and begs to release it, and the nurses are ready to inject a sedative. It turns out that as soon as we got out, the doors closed behind us, the medics took her phone and took her to a room where 10 people were moaning, screaming and lying in their own shit. Imagine what a shock my grandmother had, and yet they did not even have time to formalize it.
    Of course, we immediately took her home.
    She understands that something is happening in her dreams, that she sees hallucinations and even agrees to be treated, but now how to trust psychiatrists.
    Symptoms: suppressed (depressive) state, paranoia, visual and tactile hallucinations.
    Do we suspect a stroke or tumor? Can schizophrenia with hallucinations develop in a month at a woman in 64 years without any stress? Help make an action plan.

  7. Hello ... My father has a mania of persecution, he is 54 years old, it started somewhere in 50-52 years, It seems to him that all the people (like) witches, spoil him, all the bad ones, yelling in the street, (shamefully shouts the family) says that people (bad ones) take energy from him, chase him down the streets, (it happened that there were fights out of the blue with passers-by). Even if he has a headache, legs, something doesn’t work, he blames the “bad” people for it (neighbors) My mother and I tried to explain to him that all that he says is nonsense!, and nonsense!, Well, after that he began to raise his hands against us .... I generally I understand why, he got sick with this mania, he never smoked, didn’t use drugs, he don’t drink! .. There was a case .. he beat my mother very badly!, went to another room, returned to another room after 5 minutes, began to apologize and says that these are bad people for him, (they supposedly led the program into his head) so that he would beat his mother, that he was not to blame for anything .... Such a feeling that he had 2 people ... They lived with mother for 17 years ... now everything is going to divorce ..

  8. Good afternoon! My brother has a persecution mania! Before that, he used drugs, like many young people drink alcohol, lived as he wanted, he didn’t spit on everything (especially his parents). The last time he used drugs, he had an attack of persecution! He ran for 12 hours and shouted that around the cops, they will take him now! And since then it has been progressing. He lives in the village, accuses the neighbors that they have an ambush, they are poisoning him, he doesn’t leave the gate anymore, he’s rare to hear everything, he can see it. He accuses his father that he is an agent of the cops, an ambush in the forest, running around the yard and the forest and watching him . They are waiting for him to go out of the gate to seize him and put him in the drug trade. Matami swears at his mother, hit his father for complicity with the cops. He does not allow anyone to live. Terrible selfishness appears! He screams that all the property belongs to him, his vegetables. Mother hates father, swears with mats! We don’t argue with him since aggression immediately pours. Father abandoned them because of this, mom is also ready to leave everything and run away! The neighbors are scared. Brother does not consider himself sick and will not go to the hospital, he will not let anyone into the house. How can his illness and life end, to what condition can the patient bring himself?

  9. Hello. My mother has not been sleeping for 4 days. She has symptoms of persecution mania. Is it necessary to call an ambulance from a psychiatric clinic?

    • Hello Paul. Given the condition of the mother (if she is not dangerous to herself and to others), you can call a psychiatrist at home. If in doubt, when calling a psychiatric ambulance, describe the state of the mother on the phone, then the ambulance dispatcher will be able to send the necessary specialists who will provide primary care and, if necessary, hospitalize the mother or transfer the data to the local psychiatrist.

  10. What if a person has a persecution mania, but he realizes that all his thoughts are complete nonsense and obsessive thoughts, but he cannot get rid of them?

  11. Can persecution mania be cured of hypnosis? My mother already has a year of persecution mania, her husband’s ex-wife allegedly damages her, sends people to irradiate her from far away with all kinds of devices. I took her to me for 2000 thousand km She still says that she is half-asleep with visions as if they had come for her and worked her up again. And so she is quite a healthy person. She is 55 years old.

    • Hello, Konstantin. In your case, it is necessary to consult a good psychotherapist with hypnosis technique with your mother in person and consult with him.

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