How to find a husband

Previously, the question of how to find a husband for a girl was dealt to by her parents, now this tradition is becoming less popular, and no one told them what to guide the girls in their independent searches. Many follow their own feelings, but at a young age they are very easy to confuse with the usual sexual desire. Jumping out married in a state of love euphoria is the worst recommendation for choosing a life partner, because the mixture of hormones will soon cease to work, and you will find a stranger with opposite life goals next to you.

To understand how and where to look for a future husband, you need to determine your own needs in relationships and in life, take an objective look at your starting positions. If you are a young girl who wants joint adventures, then it is optimal to choose party companies, and if you are a busy workaholic who wants quiet evenings, then it is quite possible to use online dating. Assessing your existing qualities and achievements is crucial in determining which man you can count on. Your level should be about the same. If a man has three higher educations and his own business, and you have hardly graduated from school and are constantly changing jobs, you can hardly speak of a long alliance. A girl who seeks spiritual practices and despises the mundane is unlikely to live long with a materialist who puts money above all else. In addition to life values ​​and spiritual characteristics, factors such as age, the presence of children, divorces, and material status play a role in the search strategy.

Tips for finding a husband often include many practical recommendations, but completely ignore the initial needs of partners. It turns out such a manipulation that works, but in the end both lose. You can charm almost any person, especially if you skillfully pretend to be, but such tactics are not suitable for finding a husband. It’s better to deal with your inner complexes, fears and even injuries at the very beginning, analyze the reasons why you are not married. Perhaps the very idea of ​​marriage is not yours, but relatives are imposing it, or maybe you were hurt in other ways earlier and are now afraid of rapprochement. Many are trying to get married to solve all their problems - from psychological to financial. In this case, it makes sense to work on internal supports, rather than shift responsibility for one's own life.

Until the woman’s internal problems are resolved, the relationship will not work out. Men feel that it is not they who are valuable, as a person and what is happening in the interaction, but only a function of providing some kind of need . Many accurately know how to identify a woman who wants to marry, rather than a quality relationship at one glance and try to stay away. Therefore, you have to understand yourself and understand why you need relationships of this format.

Instead of reading the books “Tips for Finding a Husband”, turn your attention to the quality of your own life, perhaps go to a psychologist who will help you deal with your own problems. Raise the level of your joy - and men will begin to pay attention to you, increase confidence and openness - and they will begin to get acquainted with you. If you show that you are ready for interaction (take off your dark glasses, a deep hat, headphones and a hood) and smile at a stranger on the street or at your work colleague, this will have a greater effect than visiting memorized places and template phrases.

How to find a good husband

The opportunity to marry anyone is always present, but girls are interested in how to find a normal husband who will be loving and good, worthy of respect. One of the criteria for the right choice is the duration of the marriage. Here you can rely on statistics that have psychological and physiological prerequisites.

You should choose a husband among the guys about their age, it is optimal that he was a couple of years older. This is due to the fact that psychologically women mature earlier and this difference balances the balance. If between the ages of the spouses there will be a greater number of years, then the likelihood of misunderstanding and differences in values ​​increases. This is explained both by differences in psychological characteristics of different ages, and in cultural experience gained.

Choose the person who has a level of activity similar to yours. This trait is physiologically incorporated and will not change over time; on this basis, disagreements and claims may arise. Anyone who is used to spending a lot of time outside the home and on the move will be offended that the partner does not support his hobbies, and the partner, in turn, may feel unnecessary and abandoned. The nationality and characteristics of the place of residence have a slightly lesser effect - the greater the difference in your cultures, the more difficult it will be to settle at the household level. Exotics can delight at first, but when a person, by virtue of his habits, encroaches on traditions that are holy to you, this may end in divorce.

Your life experience should also be the criterion for choosing a good husband. This includes your education (the closer the areas of activity, the more similar the worldview), social status (if you are divorced, then it will be easier to have a divorced relationship), children (a partner who does not have children may not understand who they are has), even the number of countries visited and books read. You do not have to be identical, but the level and main positions must match. The requirement to choose a partner of your estate as a wife served not only to pool capital and maintain titles, but also provided psychological and moral comfort to the couple.

It is important to determine what qualities and hobbies your ideal spouse should have before dating. This will provide direction for finding places of acquaintance and will help you navigate when choosing candidates. Just do not check with the list too strictly - there are no people corresponding to our imagination. To do this, it is important to make two more lists, including flaws that you are ready to put up with and which you will never forgive. If in front of you is a person who fits the description of your ideal, does something unforgivable - leave, no matter how you want to stay, the hope to re-educate your personality has destroyed many marriages and nerve cells. It’s worth staying only in case of a large number of coincidences with the first list and when the shortcomings relate to those with which you are really ready to reconcile.

Your task is to communicate with the maximum number of people and be frank at the same time. On the one hand, it expands your social circle and allows you to meet the right person, on the other hand, it immediately filters them out - those who do not like you will not be late, and playing a role in family life is unacceptable. Do not give in to feelings - your attention may be attracted by a bright guy who doesn’t notice you very much, look around and take a look at the one who accepts you completely and always praises you. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to notice a worthy partner. You can help yourself by limiting your places of acquaintances.

If you are interested in a long relationship with a good person, then you should look for such in the place of your work or study, among common friends, in your favorite sections or cafes. Campaigns, trips and travels are great for making new acquaintances, it’s only worth distinguishing drunk companions in a train from members of your excursion group — meeting all in a row on the road can be unsafe. Various Internet resources that unite people according to their interests or in order to meet a suitable person are perfect.

After meeting and determining your first matches, it is worth learning more about the family of the chosen one. There are two aspects: the presence of a spouse (a man engaging in a parallel relationship cannot become a good husband) and the presence of problems in the parental family. If everything is clear with the first, then the second requires explanation. The fact is that being raised in an incomplete family, or where there are constant conflicts between parents, the child adopts the pathological model of interaction and brings it already into their relationship. This can be corrected by a high level of self-awareness, prolonged psychotherapy or endless patience - none of the paths is easy and in any case you will need the desire of the man himself to change.

Take a closer look at the common interests, immerse yourself in the life of an interested man and think about whether you are ready to endure his life (and it is better to share and support) his snowboard, hunting, picking up German bottles and more. In addition, do not forget to actively express your desires and aspirations, engage and show your hobbies, take it with you. This will save from sudden criticism of the most beloved pastime and demands not to engage in such nonsense from the lips of an already held spouse. The more you explore each other’s inner and outer world, the better.

How to find a rich husband

Some in determining the main qualities of the future husband choose his solvency. And this question does not concern the mercantile and venality of the girl, but in most cases it speaks of the partner’s solvency to grow and provide a decent standard of living for his children.

For starters, girls should learn to identify wealthy men. If a rather crude classification is carried out, then among them there are explicit and hidden. The first ones buy expensive things, prefer status cars, eat exclusively in expensive restaurants where they are familiar with the chef. They can be hung with gold, turn the most expensive phone in their hands and spend hours in a beauty salon - in general, with all their appearance, show the availability of money. You can meet them in casinos, expensive hotels, sports clubs, elite fashionable resorts and other places that differ in pathos and high cost.

To find and get acquainted with a rich man will have to visit all the same places as him, and also have the appropriate look. If your financial condition is quite average, then this can be a problem - elegant dresses, professional styling and makeup, jewelry - all these are necessary attributes to be taken for your own. But there are pluses - you will recognize this man unmistakably, and the tactics of conquest are extremely simple. It must be remembered that on the one hand they love universal admiration, on the other they suspect that people are valuable only with their money. Accordingly, you need to value his personality and show indifference to money. Only the main thing is not to replay, and not depreciate - just shift the focus.

The second type of rich men is difficult to recognize, since they look much more modest. In cars and technology, functionality and performance are valued, rather than status and brightness; in clothes, preference is given to naturalness and convenience, rather than to fashion trends and fashion houses. It’s hard to get to know them, because they are constantly busy and spend most of their time at work. They choose restaurants with tasty and high-quality food, they can even be with you on a nearby sun lounger somewhere in the hotel, but it is impossible to distinguish it from all the others with the naked eye. It is best to carefully look at the management team or other employees about whom you do not know anything, through repeated observation it will be possible to make an approximate idea of ​​a person.

But the question of how to interest this becomes even more difficult than to determine. Such men do not care about the appearance and status of women; they will not be seduced by your ability to cook dinner and housekeeping - all this can be bought. The paramount importance begins to play the depth, uniqueness and openness of your personality. Communicating mostly with business partners, he needs a person who does not play a double game and with whom you can relax. Usually these are socially active men who are fond of many topics, so your willingness to change and your broad outlook are also key points. You should not pretend to tell him about India on the basis of the programs you watched, it is better to honestly admit that you have not been anywhere, and then he takes you to all the corners of the earth.

Car dealerships are considered to be a place for a perfect acquaintance with a wealthy man, but, firstly, you should think over a legend well (it’s silly to look for a car in the absence of a driver’s license), and secondly, men understand why beautifully dressed young ladies are spinning there. Show originality, invent something of your own - come to his office and ask how he relates to the disappearance of tits, go to the business center in hippie clothes, pull the Lexus handle in the parking lot. Rich men know that many girls prey on them and are tired of the standard wave of eyelashes and short skirts - give them a lively and spontaneous communication.

How to find a husband on the Internet

In order to understand how a girl can find a husband on the Internet, it is worth understanding the difference between network and personal communication, as well as the specifics of the site on which personal information is laid out. So, if this is a page on the social network, absolutely any, then it is better to completely hide the family status. Men who are attracted to something by the profile of the interlocutor do not stop seeing the status of “married”, like any other. But an active search and reporting about it will attract the interest of many frivolous guys who are looking for entertainment for one night. As practice shows, the number of vulgar and inadequate offers is increasing, and serious active men are frightened off by such active searches. A hidden line adds mystery to you, gives you a chance to develop a conversation, to show a man an interest in this topic.

When looking for a husband on the Internet, you need to edit photos of your profile, remove compromising, seductive. Any erotic hints and the presence of alcohol in the photo will ruin your image in the eyes of the future husband, and besides the information from the page, he has nothing to rely on.

A well-edited profile that represents you in the best light is just the first step. Next comes direct communication and you should attract other people to your correspondence. Waiting for someone to accidentally find your page and write is ineffective. Come into groups, participate in general discussions, post your own topics, or rather questions. First, communicate with everyone who is interested in the same thing as you, then some correspondence can be transferred to private. Choose communities that are equally interesting to men and women. Of course you can search for a husband on the scrapbooking portal, but the chances are approaching zero, and your participation in the correspondence about the choice of fishing tackle will make men doubt the sincerity of your interest.

Intense hunting and forced dialogue is the most disastrous method for finding a husband online. The network regularly communicates with a lot of people who can hold your interests, so it makes sense to get high from the process of communication on topics of interest.

A questionnaire on a dating site can be useful, but it is worth considering a lot of nuances, otherwise this event will only take a lot of your time. Be critical of user profiles, remember that beautiful photos and nice words may not belong to a man. Check everything in correspondence, even photos over time can be asked to send one more to compare the exterior and interior. Offer to talk via Skype after a while - this will give you the opportunity to assess the intellectual level of the person you are talking to and check whether he really is so well versed in the topics that interest you or if you used Google.

Similar honesty is required from the girl. The photo on the page should be attractive, but correspond to reality - less photoshop and staged photos. The one where you sincerely smile, made by your friends in passing - would be the best option. Men consider studio photos to be artificial, and girls who are cold and narcissistic on them. Similar rules apply to what is indicated on your profile. It makes no sense to provide false information, if you really want to find a husband, the fraud will open, and the relationship can crack at the very beginning. Write everything as it is, even that in the evenings you embroider a cross can be submitted in an original and humorous way. This will attract more attention than the fictional conquest of the peaks and the saving of human lives.

It’s worth visiting the site regularly, even if a notification about a new message does not come. Men, viewing profiles, are guided by the date when the woman was last online. If more than a month has passed, no one will write to you; if more than a week, the chances are also small. Few people want to wait for an answer from such a busy person who may have already met her happiness and simply forgot to delete the profile.

When correspondence, focus on your own feelings - it should be easy and pleasant. It is also important not to delay the online communication period, in a couple of weeks, hint about a possible meeting, if the man ignores this, then you can switch to another.

How to find a husband for a woman with a child

A woman with a child should approach the choice of a companion with special responsibility, since she already has experience of unsuccessful relationships, and in the process of building new ones she not only acquires her beloved man, but also a man who will later replace the child with his father. Many believe that men avoid such women, therefore, they advise them to hide this fact when they meet. The behavior strategy is fundamentally wrong, because with each new meeting it will be more and more difficult to talk about the baby, and your behavior will be strange for an unsuspecting man. You’ll have to lie more and more about the need to often be absent, about why you break away from dates and don’t invite him to spend the night with you. Anyway, this fact will become known and then runs the risk of becoming a scandal based on your lies.

Take your time, even if loneliness lasts several years. It takes time for your inner readiness for relationships and time for them to appear. Start gradually releasing your evenings to pursue your hobbies, make masks, read, and meet friends. Your task is to spend evenings with pleasure or for your development.

Children usually make a woman concentrate on everyday life and their lives, and men are interested in those who are fond of something else and have a happy look. Get in shape, attend various events, but do not completely switch to the search for a husband, forgetting about the children's needs for maternal participation. You can do some things together, but sometimes it will be left to your own devices. If the baby gets used to this, then when your attention is occupied by a man, he will not make tantrums and feel abandoned.

Arrange holidays at home and invite guests - both you and the child will get used to other people in your territory. Go out for a walk, smile at people, don't be afraid of communication. Yes, and the child himself can help, and not interfere with meeting his future husband. Children are open and direct, so do not rush to pull the baby, if he sticks to a man with questions or games, maybe he feels better who is right for you.

How to find a good husband after 40

The question of how to find a normal husband after forty years becomes especially relevant, since most women believe that all worthy have already been dismantled. It is important here not to globalize and remember why you are alone, just because you are not a flawed person. By the age of forty, many begin to become more aware of themselves, disappointed in the youthful choice of a partner, and then get divorced. Someone until this time was making a career and simply could not find time for a full relationship. A huge plus of finding a partner after a midlife crisis is your maturity and awareness, present experience and knowledge of what you expect in a relationship and what you can expect from you.

When the current situation does not suit, it is necessary to let change into life. Start with looks - get rid of things a decade ago. Even if your figure has not changed, and you can wear them, then fashion trends and age features require a different wardrobe from you. Update your hairstyle, choose a new shade of hair and lipstick. Take care of yourself, regardless of the situation, you can’t walk in dirty gray clothes with smeared mascara and leftover lipstick. You do this not to charm plumbing, but to enhance your own femininity. If for this you want to go to the dance - go, if you surround yourself with male attention - choose the appropriate task at work.

Communicate with men, train to be an interesting conversationalist. You will no longer be struck by his hundred push-ups, and a middle-aged man will not be interested in your clapping of eyelashes. This is a great opportunity to build relationships at the level of individuals, despite the fact that physical attractiveness still plays a huge role. Now flirting is becoming more subtle, and you can afford more.

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