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gambling photo Gambling is an analogue of addiction, a kind of malicious hobby, an excessive attraction to the game process. Nowadays, gambling addiction is considered one of the most common deviations, although it cannot be considered an ailment of the 21st century, since this type of addiction was known before, but practically could not be cured, since psychiatric science was undeveloped, and about psychology in those days heard at all. It affects human subjects of various age categories.

Gambling addiction is formed from a completely harmless passion for computer, network or gambling. This type of addiction differs from its counterparts: alcoholism and drug addiction, since it does not concern the physical health of the individual, but affects only emotions. Therefore, gambling is similar in manifestations to mental illness. In addition, gambling is complicated by the fact that in the initial phase it is almost impossible to identify this ailment, since it does not appear somatically.

Reasons for gambling addiction

The occurrence of gambling can be triggered by social factors and psychological reasons. The social conditionality of an ailment consists in the denial by the mass consciousness of such an ailment as gambling. After all, the game has long been considered a safe way to spend time, an innocent way to remove the effects of stressful influences and the ability to escape from pressing problems.

Computer gambling today poses a special danger, because parents independently and knowingly “plant” babies in various games. It’s easier. It is not necessary for little fidgets to pay attention after a hard day's work, while they are cutting into computer games, parents free time for themselves or at home. Today, most parents bought their children tablet computers, portable and conventional game consoles, so that the child had the opportunity to develop through games. While it is not known for certain what the described trend can lead to, but there is a risk to grow full-fledged gamers out of kids.

Another important condition is the incredible profitability of the gambling business, the profits of which are extremely high, as a result of which the owners of illegal casinos are ready to accept any violations of the current legislation. Hence, the problem of gambling becomes more acute, since such an attitude directly affects the growth of gambling among the population.

The psychological nature of gambling can be attributed to: a feeling of loneliness, dissatisfaction, a desire to win and break the jackpot, a predisposition to various kinds of addictions, and the presence of mental disorders.

A person is a social being, therefore, due to the feeling of loneliness, he seeks to somehow change his own being and free himself from loneliness or make up for the lack of impressions through the game. After all, the game is an interesting process that helps to plunge into the world of fantasies and unreal illusions, into a world where there is no place for loneliness, boredom and sadness, there are no problems in it. The game can be represented in the form of communication. It is due to the factors listed above that people return, time after time to the game and turn into gamers.

If an individual is dissatisfied with his own existence, then most likely he feels himself deeply unhappy. The feeling of dissatisfaction cannot last forever, so a person is looking for various compensatory paths leading to the game. After all, winning the game is much easier than in real life. In the gameplay, you can choose the level of difficulty, the hero, but in real life it is impossible to do. The more successful an individual is in a game, the greater will be the compensation for real failures, which leads to an increase in craving for the game.

The desire to win and break the jackpot is also a common reason leading to pulling into the gameplay. People do not understand that it is almost impossible to hit the jackpot in gambling. Thousands of human subjects play, but units win. Most individuals who waste their lives at the gaming table win occasionally on trifles, but lose on a big one. Each win, a sense of easy money draws them into the gambling pool more and more. In addition, the human body is designed so that any, even the smallest victory, leads to adrenaline rush, therefore, having won once, the individual wants to feel the surge of hormones again.

As a rule, any dependence is closely related to a predisposition to dependencies. It is believed that some individuals, due to genetic factors or physiological properties, are prone to various dependencies. At the same time, physiological factors and genetic predisposition extremely rarely become decisive.

In addition, scientists have found that individuals who suffer from any mental illness or are being treated for various psychopathologies are more prone to unhealthy drives, in particular gambling.

A separate reason contributing to the formation of gambling is considered sexual dissatisfaction. This is due to the production of the hormone "joy" during intimate contacts. Therefore, in the complete absence of intimate life or due to dissatisfaction with intimacy, the individual begins to look for a “substitute,” that is, he tries to compensate for the game.

Also, psychological immaturity, in other words, fixation in puberty or adolescence, can provoke the emergence of a pathological attraction to games. Basically, such a subject is simply not ready for adulthood, its problems, as a result of which it plunges into the game, replacing it with real joys and sorrows.

Gambling disease

Gambling addiction, also called gambling addiction (in translation means a game for money) or unhealthy ludomania, gambling addiction is a computer disease. It is a fairly common pathological condition, characterized by an uncontrolled psychological dependence on all kinds of games, emotional deviations and a depressive state that arose due to mania.

In accordance with the international classifier of diseases, the defining sign of this ailment is the regular and repeated participation of the subject in the game. Gambling addiction is characterized by the speed of development and the onset of dependence, after which the individual is faced with difficult social consequences, such as: the destruction of family relations, contempt of society, impoverishment.

There is a widespread belief that all gamers are limited creatures, striving exclusively for easy profit. In fact, such a judgment is far from the truth. The main number of subjects suffering from the described disease are attributed by society to educated, active and talented individuals. Basically, players are people who have already achieved certain success in life or are striving for it.

The game directly for individuals is not only an opportunity for additional profit, but also one of the ways to relax, have fun and escape from a number of problems.

Gambling, as well as other types of addiction has specific signs. If loved ones have several of the following symptoms, then you need to sound the alarm.

The main signs of gambling addiction:

- the individual constantly thinks about the game, it seems to absorb all his thoughts, he recalls previous games and plans a future strategy, if the individual is addicted to gambling, he will be preoccupied with thoughts about finding money;

- during the game process, the subject feels the strongest excitement of the psyche, constantly increasing rates or moving to more complex levels;

- when a game is stopped due to, for example, a power outage or a rate limit, the gamer feels irritation, anxiety, anger;

- the individual through the game tries to escape from problems and anxieties, hide from fears , dispel depression ;

- with the help of enthusiasm for the gameplay, a person seeks to drown out guilt or to get rid of loneliness or;

- the individual makes all kinds of attempts to win back or win;

- deceives relatives and the treating doctor, trying to conceal the real need for the game;

- the individual tries to downplay the importance of the game process for himself;

- may, for the sake of his own hobby, commit fraud, theft or embezzlement, for example, to improve the computer to be able to play more modern versions of games or to find money for gambling;

- the gamer does not stop the understanding that you can lose your career, spoil family relationships, lose your spouse and friends;

- Individuals with a passion for gambling constantly borrow money to pay for losses and the opportunity to recoup.

The problem of gambling goes through four stages. The first stage of gambling addiction is characterized by a periodic game and dreams of a big jackpot. A beginner, as a rule, does not raise bets, plays for small amounts, periodically winning, often winnings are large. Then the next phase begins - a series of losses. The individual begins to play and lose often. At this point, the gamer can quit his job in order to free up more time for the game, starts borrowing money and goes into debt. As a result, he can steal valuables from home and take them to a pawnshop. Now comes the turn of the phase of despair. At this stage, the player’s reputation is usually
completely spoiled, family relationships are destroyed, contacts with friends and other relatives are broken. The individual often feels remorse, but at the same time seeks to justify himself, putting the blame on the environment. It’s easier.

The gamer at this stage may be chased by panic attacks. In the third stage, a person is not able to overcome the pathological attraction on his own. The last stage is characterized by a sense of hopelessness. The individual feel hopeless. Excitement tightened it like a whirlpool. All his attempts to get out lead only to even greater cohesion in dependence. At this stage, thoughts of suicide arise, since only in it the gamer sees a way out. Problems with compliance with the law, addiction to alcohol, emotional collapse and signs of insanity are also likely.

A subject exposed to the described illness is not stopped by rapidly increasing debts, violation of physical health and disorder of mental state. In a similar state for an individual, the game turns into the most coveted, necessary “drug”.

Often, gambling in adolescents is of a different nature than in adults. Teenagers are predominantly addicted to computer games, not gambling. However, adults also often spend a lot of time in the virtual world, which negatively affects all aspects of social and personal life. Network games today almost captured humanity.

Gambling tanks (World of Tanks) or dependence on World of Warcraft (role-playing virtual game) is currently not uncommon. Many teenagers, as well as adults, play several virtual games in parallel, sitting at the computer for hours every day. Especially detrimental effect of online games on individuals in the puberty.

Gambling in adolescents is dangerous deterioration in the general mental state of the child. Symptoms of gambling addiction in adolescents are almost similar to signs of computer addiction. However, the latter deepens precisely the attraction to online games.

Computer gambling at puberty is characterized by a waste of time and money, but in addition it is dangerous in that children are often simply “sucked” by virtual reality, as a result of which they simply cease to live in reality. The fake reality contained in the plot of the games forces the gamer teenager to unconsciously change their own attitudes and outlook on life. This can cause very sad consequences, for example, suicidal attempts.

Symptoms of gambling addiction

The following symptoms of gambling in particular and computer addiction in general are distinguished:

- loss of control over the subject of attraction - an increase in the time spent in the virtual world or at the computer;

- lack of control over the spheres of life and social aspects;

- the emergence of the so-called "tunneling" mental activity - an obsessive thought (craving for games) that dominates consciousness, similar to a drug;

- a teenager denies the presence of addiction and turns away from help;

- if it is impossible to immediately plunge into the game world, the teenager becomes aggressive, irritable, hostile, in rare cases, he can close and become apathetic to everything.

Due to the enthusiasm for online games, children have problems in learning activities, they fail exams and quizzes. In addition, the game has a detrimental effect not only on the social sphere of the teenager’s life, but also on the personal aspects and mental processes.

Gambling forces an individual to interrupt, postponing the game process, only to satisfy physical needs in a minimal amount. Simply put, gamers do not have time for a full meal and sleep, rest, or walk. The gamer begins to relate to all physiological and other needs as an unnecessary waste of time. They only distract him from the main and most important, interesting sphere of life - the game. Even in rare periods of sleep, the dependent subject is in the virtual world.

Symptoms of gambling addiction - loss of vision, impaired functioning of the digestive system, weakened muscles, problems with the spinal column - and this is only a small fraction of the negative effects of virtual gambling. The psyche of the individual suffers more than his body. The gamer is characterized by inadequate behavior, with each passing day it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish reality from the virtual environment. At the same time, reality begins to provoke negative associations in a person, since in reality he does not have super abilities endowed in the game, especially if everything goes downhill in real life. In the virtual world, a player is rich and strong, handsome, or often even perfect. In addition, he can have a status and a high position in the game, as a result of which many players are simply eager to communicate with him. Avid players increasingly have an obsessive thought in their minds: “why do we need reality at all”. The result of this is a vicious circle: short intervals between games only increase the player’s desire to play, to hide from pressing problems, an unfavorable environment, daily duties, and imperfection of the human body.

It should be understood that gambling computer disease does not grow out of nothing. Of course, there are a certain number of people who easily fall into any pathological dependence. However, the key basis for the emergence of an unhealthy craving for something is the various problems that are relevant to the teenager now. After all, he is just beginning to enter adulthood. Due to youthful maximalism for a teenager, any “stumbling blocks” on a life road seem almost the end of the world. Therefore, the fragile teenage mind transfers its harsh and uninteresting reality to the extraordinary world of dreams, where dreams come true, and he is a superhero.

How to get rid of gambling addiction? Advice to parents is basically similar to recommendations that are given to relatives with any type of addiction, regardless of age group. In the first turn, if the problem still confronted the parents, then you do not need to close your eyes to it. The sooner you start work on ridding your child of addiction, the faster the result will come and the unhealthy hobby will cause less harm. After all, no one will help the child except his parents. During heart-to-heart conversations with a teenager, one does not need to put pressure on him, blame him, or shame him. Since such actions can only push the child away and force him to withdraw into himself or provoke aggression.

To get rid of gambling addiction, for example, such as: gambling addiction tanks, the surest decision will be to persuade the teenager to talk with a psychologist. In addition, support from the closest relatives and peers is very important for children. If a teenager feels participation and support, then he will cope with trouble much faster and easier.

Gambling addiction treatment

The factor underlying the need for the treatment of gambling is the presence of emotional reinforcement of addiction. People looking for the answer to the question: how to treat gambling addiction, you need to understand that there will be no fleeting rid of addiction. It is necessary to initially tune in to both the gamer himself and his close circle. So, to get rid of unhealthy cravings from close relatives and directly from a dependent individual, perseverance and patience will be required, which, combined with complex and lengthy treatment, will lead to getting rid of this serious condition. Complete release from gambling is associated with the restoration of the normal functioning of mental processes and the subsequent reassessment of the gamer's life values, a change in the habitual way of life.

How to get rid of gambling addiction? You should try to distract the gamer from the game by any means, for example, the child can be offered a reward for doing some kind of homework, role-playing intimate games can be arranged for the spouse. A delicious dinner, an interesting film are also elements that contribute to distraction from addiction. In addition, you can organize some exciting trip or travel out of town.

Frequent conversations about the future, money and career growth should not be neglected, and conversations about the meaninglessness of games should be avoided. Regularity of repetition will help to form a negative outlook on the game, which in the future will make the gameplay not so entertaining, pleasant and addictive. With people caught in the game of "bondage", you need to talk as often as possible. It is necessary to arouse in them an interest in real life.

How to treat gambling addiction? In the first turn, it is recommended to socialize a person, that is, return him to normal life. With a mild illness or in the early stages of the emergence of a harmful attachment to the gameplay, treatment can be done by relatives or friends on their own. To do this, you just need to fill the entire time of the gamer. In other words, you have to fill it all day so that there is no time left for the game.

In difficult cases, a therapeutic course is needed in a specialized psychiatric clinic using drug therapy. However, today drugs that relieve gambling addiction do not exist. Specialized institutions use an integrated approach, which includes internal spiritual work, medicines (antidepressants), and targeted psychological assistance.

The main method aimed at the treatment of gambling is individual psychotherapy, which can be equally successfully practiced both in a hospital and on an outpatient basis. Today, rational psychotherapy focused on the mind, based on explanation and proof, is considered the fastest and most effective method of treating gambling addiction. Actually this method contributes to the restructuring of the irrational mental activity of the gamer, changing his attitude to computer or gambling, returning to him the ability to find a reasonable solution to everyday problems.

In order to consolidate the attitude toward absolute renunciation of games, psychotherapeutic methods based on methods of suggestion and self-hypnosis are used. Specific techniques and medications can correct the psychological state of the gamer and increase his own control over unhealthy attraction.

Combined therapy is aimed at blocking the game dominant, it helps release the dependent individual from the so-called “hypnotic” effects of the game, forms indifference to the game process, restores the adequate functioning of mental processes and mental state.

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  1. Gambling, yes delirium, not seriously, slander, sausage, I have been playing since the age of twelve now 34, and all this time I constantly played, without consequences for myself and my personal affairs, there are no geeks, but this is more an exception than a rule, and I think not it is worth interfering with gambling and PCs, there the mechanism of influence and involvement are different. Do not scare housewives

  2. Here is perhaps one more kind of addiction or reckless adventurism:

    I don’t play computer games, I don’t play cards, casinos, and I don’t drink any rubbish.
    I'm a businessman)))
    I invent, invent, introduce, ... it doesn’t work, I try a new idea ...
    I drain money, earn, fail))
    I don’t want much, I want more and so on.
    I tried to work like everyone else.
    It turns out perfectly and any work in the hands directly “burns”.
    Enrages another - stupidity bosses, systems, the envy of colleagues.
    I do not share generally accepted values, I do not like collective thinking and slavery - and this is REALITY.

    We draw conclusions:

    He lived for 50 years and did not achieve anything.
    The system eliminates and throws such to the sidelines.
    I'm sitting with nothing.
    I look forward to when it finally works out or when this stupid life finally ends.
    I’m ironic ...

  3. Hello. His name is Yegor 14 years old, I play a day for 13 hours, I bet to myself that everything needs to be tied so much to play but it does not work out. Tell me what to do.

  4. Hello, how to stop my son from playing poker, quit his job, sits at home, all the time on the phone, in the game. He has a family, a small child. Help, maybe there is a clinic in Krasnoyarsk?

  5. Vedmesh N. And why do you ignore those who turn to you for advice about gambling, do you have anything to say to them? Or can you help with advice here? It’s just that all normal people are interested in what’s going on in such people’s head, as one of them I’ll try to explain to you, simply lost years and most importantly money, this is the first reason that these people can’t stop, just thinking about how much is donated is not clear to anyone , and all this irrevocably makes it impossible to stop, and each time you come there for only one thing, to return part of yours, and everything else of course also plays a role, there are bursts of adrenaline, etc. etc., but still the basis is not humility with the fact that so much is lost with your own hands, and therefore it happens again and again, plus of course the debts, the idea that you will have to work them out for years is also very gnawing ....

  6. Hello, I’ve been interested in games for 12 years at the age of 8 years, I play somewhere for 4 hours a day, but at the same time I am an athlete, I have been playing football since 9 years. I also actively spend my free time walking with friends. This is normal?

    • Hello, Artem. If this does not affect the quality of your life, without prejudice to health, psychological state, parents see an adequate child, then this is quite normal.

    • Artyom, wait - this is just the beginning.
      In general, congratulations, you are already there with one foot.

  7. My friend is 17 years old, he plays an online game every day, what should I do?

    • Hello, Elena. According to statistics, 44% of all Internet users play games. This is more than 1.2 billion people. 700 million of them are serious gamers. Experts expect the global video game market to reach $ 82 billion in 2017. Now it is already more than 70 billion. They earn not only game manufacturers, but gamers themselves. It is possible that your friend will also connect his life with this business.

  8. Hello, I’m writing from hopelessness, I don’t know what to do. My son is 23 years old, and received education, and passed the army, and the work is good, but this gambling addiction prevents us all. These bookmakers pull it like honey, leave all the money there, get into endless loans. Each time he swears that he will no longer bet, but all is useless. We do not know how to help and how, this is a disease. He put so much money down the drain, and drove us into a corner. I would like your advice.

    • Good evening, I never thought that my family would be affected by the same problem, how to solve this problem?

  9. Hello, my son is 14 years old, plays the online game Samp. In February, they noticed the loss of money, found out what they put on the phone, and took the computer from the phone to the game. Now we learned that everything was repeated. What to do?

    • Hello, Elena. We recommend visiting a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of addictions, in this case a computer. For yourself, you must understand that removing gambling addiction from a child’s life, it is necessary to fill it with a new type of activity, for example, to carry away with any kind of sport.

  10. Hello, my husband has been playing, he has been betting on football for several years, last year it came to a divorce, but he believed that everything would work out, he had not played for several months. I began to notice that the problems appeared again, the lack of money from him and from home began to take my savings. There is also a problem with friends, that is, friends turned their backs, drove out of work, scandals at home. The case smells of divorce again and I want to help. Nerves and health are no longer enough.

  11. I've been playing for money for 15 years. There was a period when I didn’t play for a couple of years and everything was fine, but now, I understand and know that it’s impossible, but ... 1-2 days and again I am without money and in debt. The worst is already playing on other people's money.

  12. Hello, my brother is a gamer, he has been gambling, has not been working for 9 years, he has a family, a child, where to live and what to eat. He steals money, fur coats, gold from home, in debt over his ears. But we closed all his debts to him, sent him and his wife to a medical clinic, where they were about a month. But unfortunately the result is zero. Today he stole money again and lost. She does not want to make contact with anyone, sometimes she gets drunk and threatens with suicide, she does not want to work at all. Please help us, what to do, how to help him, we really hope that he will rethink everything.

    • I sympathize with you so much. We have the same grief (brother has been playing for 12 years. And things, and money, and gold, and even household appliances, are all in local pawnshops (((disappears for several days, sits in offices where they bet on sports (parents are on the verge of divorce, mum’s health is undermined (what should I do? And they’re very sorry for the fools ... that they don’t want to work the most interesting ... we were lucky with our work and pay-all I lost ... I lost all my friends and acquaintances ... apparently they themselves should want to quit this harmful habit

  13. My daughter is 35 years old, she is a disabled person of group 2 for a mental illness (schizophrenia, paroxysmal-progradient course), not married, no children. She is fond of the game “Battle of castles”, it takes her 2 hours a day to play this game. After all, something needs time to fill, which she has a lot. The game is not for money. Nevertheless, it bothers me whether this is harmful to her psyche. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Hello, Larisa Ivanovna. If you limit the time your daughter spends at the computer, this will lead to an increase in the pessimistic background and her condition will only worsen.

  14. I’ve been playing since 15 years .. Now it’s 25, hard work leaves no time. I seem to understand that this is an addiction, but now I play on a smartphone, now I have deleted my favorite game and I feel bad as if I had lost something expensive.
    Health problems lack this vision -5 and scoliosis of the 2nd degree.
    But ten years ago it seemed harmless passion.

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