Deep depression

deep depression photo Deep depression is a complex mental disorder that occurs due to a variety of factors. At the present stage, severe depression of affect and disorders of self-consciousness, detailed signs of vitality, autonomic manifestations, as well as psychomotor disorders are classified as deep depression. The depth of symptoms is limited by social functioning, including the inability to satisfy everyday biological needs.

Scientists have noticed that every fifth person is able to experience depression, regardless of financial, social status, as well as gender and age. With prolonged signs, you should seek help from a specialist who will prescribe treatment. The early forms of the disease can be cured on their own by resorting to standard methods, but a very deep depression needs the close attention of specialists.

Deep Cause Depression

The causes of deep depression are divided into psychological and physiological. Psychological causes include stress, mental trauma (physical abuse, death of loved ones, presence in disasters). This condition disappears after two months, but in the absence of help, it is delayed and turns into a deep one.

Stresses include long-term troubles, and traumatic troubles that unexpectedly surfaced from childhood are related to old injuries.

The next reason for the occurrence of deep depression is frustration (futile expectation, deception, failure, frustration of designs).

This is followed by an existential crisis, which leads to the fact that a person loses meaning, life goals, as well as a sense of harmony.

Under physiological causes, overwork, cerebral circulatory failure, exhaustion; poisoning with alcohol, drugs, drugs; strokes, menopause, traumatic brain injuries, irregular sex life, hormonal diseases, lack of motor activity, malnutrition, diseases of the internal organs, hypovitaminosis, defects of the mediator system.

Often, a depressive state is provoked in the complex for several reasons. All reasons should be taken into account, since success in treatment will directly depend on this.

Deep Depression Symptoms

Symptoms of deep depression: loss of pleasure, decreased mood, loss of interest, increased fatigue, decreased activity, decreased energy, reduced ability to concentrate, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, ideas of self-humiliation and guilt, a gloomy and pessimistic vision of the future; sleep disturbance, suicidal tendencies, decreased appetite.

The main symptoms of deep depression include a person’s daily depressive mood, loss of interest in previous activities, as well as the ability to think, concentrate on something; indecision, lethargy, loss of libido, change in psychomotor activity.

Manifestations of severity, as well as vitalization, are aggravated by somatic syndrome: loss of interest in previously interested activities, as well as loss of ability to enjoy it; lack of reaction to actions and events; waking up in the morning a few hours earlier; increased depression in the morning; the occurrence of psychomotor inhibition, as well as agitation; a decrease in appetite, a decrease in body weight by 5%; loss of libido.

Deep Depression Signs

Mental disorder is characterized by a significant difficulty in communication, homework, self-care, inherent psychomotor inhibition or agitation. However, the patient critically assesses his condition, realizes the painful nature of these disorders. The sick person is able to independently participate in medical and rehabilitation measures.

Deep depression with psychomotor retardation is noted by the objective, bodily, nature of vital experiences with the sensation of a stone in the chest.

Deep depressive stupor is marked by complete inhibition with mutism and emotional expression of sorrow.

Melancholic raptus is noted for a deep longing in the morning with characteristic bursts of motor excitement close to auto-aggression and catatonic impulsivity. Agitated depression is characterized by monotonous lamentations with sharp fussiness, pleas for help, and demonstratively pathetic wringing of hands.

Depressive-delusional syndrome is noted by a combination of a depressive state with delusions of self-incrimination, guilt, self-abasement, hypochondriacal delirium.

Depressive-hallucinatory syndrome is noted by a combination of a depressive state with hallucinosis , in which voices are heard that scold and blame the patient.

Deep Depression Treatment

If a person has experienced deep depression, then he should distract himself from the reasons that provoked this problem, to occupy himself with something (sports, walks, trips).

A deep form of depression is effectively treated by a pet that will give love, warmth and affection. Music therapy also helps in the fight against the disease. There are special musical compositions that allow you to find a way out of a deep depressive state. It is very difficult to fight the disorder on your own, so you should take help from acquaintances, loved ones, and especially doctors.

Deep depression - what to do?

The deep form of depression can be weakened with the help of "anti-stress" vitamins. Vitamin A, which is found in pumpkin, carrots, has proven itself perfectly; vitamin B found in yogurt, fish, cereals; Vitamin C found in kiwi, oranges, black currants.

Deep depression in pregnant women can lead to miscarriage, for this reason, expectant mothers need to carefully listen to themselves and their condition. Deep depression can provoke negative consequences, a person turns into an anxious, experiencing manic fear of the individual.

Deep depression and its treatment includes methods of biological therapy. Currently, the disease has a high prevalence, as well as life-threatening, serious consequences. The course of the disease with its serious complications is a significant suicidal danger. Therapy includes complex complex treatment with phased use of anti-resistant special measures.

An important task is the assessment of the prognosis of deep depression after a clinical and psychopathological analysis of the course and structure of the disease. Difficulties in the treatment of such patients are represented by supporting outpatient therapy, which is aimed at reducing the severity of the depressive state, as well as reducing the duration of the current episode, and preventing relapses and exacerbations.

Only complex treatment using different drugs and non-drug therapy is effective. Inevitable will be the use of treatment with a high therapeutic effect, but poorly tolerated (antipsychotics, tricyclic antidepressants, electroconvulsive therapy). As a rule, a deep depressive state has a protracted course. Having eliminated the serious condition, further treatment remains an important problem. In this case, supportive therapy is needed to prevent exacerbation, as well as preventive treatment to prevent relapse.

The following groups of antidepressants are used in treatment:

  • Tricyclic antidepressants (Melipramine, Clomipramine, Amitriptyline) inhibit the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine, affect muscarinic receptors and cause cholinolytic effects.
  • Atypical and heterocyclic antidepressants (Maprotiline, Surmontil, Mianserin) affect alpha-adrenergic receptors, serotonin and norepinephrine.
  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (Fluvoxamine, Fluoxetine, Sertraline, Paroxetine, Citalopram, Cipralex).
  • Serotonergic and noradrenergic antidepressants (Ixel and Venlafaxine).
  • Noradrenergic antidepressants (Coaxil).
  • Antidepressants of the NASA group (Mirtazapine), affecting postsynaptic serotonergic and noradrenergic receptors.
  • Dopaminergic antidepressants (bupropion) are able to increase the concentration of dopamine.
  • MAO inhibitors of irreversible action (Iprazide, Nialamide, Phenelzin) reduce the activity of monoamine oxidase.
  • MAO inhibitors of reversible action (Befol, Moclobemide) inhibiting monoamine oxidase.
  • Melatonergic antidepressants (Melitor) affecting the M1, M2 receptors of the suprachiasmatic nucleus.

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  1. Hello! I would like to get some advice, because soon I will probably be in a DEEP depression. I will try to briefly describe my problem. Since childhood, I have not had a dad and + my mother did not give me proper attention, but was only concerned about her life and only one grandmother paid attention to me. Now my mother is trying to improve, but I’m already 22 years old and I can’t take her attention, I’m not used to this experience. My grandmother replaced my mother and therefore my mother and I quarrel very often because she is trying, but I don’t need this. And now she had a man, and when she is at home with her, she begins to show motherhood profusely, which makes me worse because it really bothers me ... Please tell me how to be, or what to do ... I started to cry almost every day, because I understand that my grandmother is already old and cannot always be my mother, and I don’t need my mother’s attention. And the fact that in the end I will be left alone, from such a thought it only gets worse ...

    • Hello Christine. You are an adult enough and must be able to take care of yourself on your own. It would not hurt to think about creating your own family and not focus on the manifestations of attention from the mother. She thus corrects her mistakes before you. Be generous. Forgive her and do not push away from yourself.

      • This is very difficult, because I already have a personal life.

        • This is very good, focusing on personal life will not allow you to get depressed.

          • Thanks for the advice, I’ll try to follow the advice ... although it’s hard.

  2. Hello. I am 20 years old. I live with a young man. The last six months I really want to leave him, but I can’t. I scare myself with thoughts that he loves me and cannot be alone.
    These relationships torment me, I often began to think that there used to be colors in my life, now they are gone. Constantly crying, for no reason, I can start to cry looking at any cartoon. I absolutely do not want to take care of myself. Over these six months, I recovered by 20 kilograms, but I can’t pull myself together.
    I myself am studying as a clinical psychologist, so I don’t want to ask for help yet. Thought to take fluoxetine. I read that it helps very well for depression, although I understand that there is no need to joke with medicines.

    • Hello, Renata. Taking the medicine will not solve your problem. You need to understand yourself and look for the reasons for this behavior.
      If you decide to part with a young man, then discuss this with him and find out his opinion on this matter. Crying for no reason can be caused by a drop in the level of serotonin in the body. Review your diet: include fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, honey. Eat often, but without overeating. It is necessary to gradually reduce weight so that you like yourself, then the desire will appear to take care of yourself.
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  3. Hello!
    I am 24, everything is fine in life, I live in abundance, I will soon get married, I have work, but ... ..
    In the last three months, some terrible mood swings, fatigue, irritability appeared, quickly freaking out, nothing interests, sometimes paranoia that I’m being deceived or someone is watching me, although I can be alone in the room, without noticing it, I bring my beloved to hysteria, I can’t recognize myself in the mirror ... and even occasionally, sometimes terrible thoughts fly by when I look down from the balcony of the 10th floor.
    When such a wave covers, I try to figure out the causes myself, asking myself various questions: What is bothering you? Job? house?
    Yes, as with most it is not always smooth at work, and at home everything cannot always be calm, but this is normal, small household, working and life moments!
    But where then does all this come from?! ?? All these thoughts and worries ?? If I myself really can’t answer these questions, I’ll answer more precisely, but the answers are quite normal, not critical and, it seems, cannot be the reason for this condition! Maybe VVD? Or am I asking the wrong questions? Or am I just losing my mind?

    • Hello Irina! “Where does all this come from then?” - answering this question I would like to object that living “as with most people is not always smooth at work, and at home everything cannot always be calm, but it’s normal, small household, work and life moments "- this is not normal. Living in everyday stress, even if little, will not contribute to a harmonious, joyful and happy life. We do not recommend breaking into a future spouse, since relationships should bring joy and men of women’s tantrums can not stand a priori. Try to pamper yourself every day, do what gives you joy, avoid any conflicts - this is the only way to balance your state of mind. Do yoga, meditation, communicate with positive people, visit a psychologist, with prolonged anxiety, you can drink Motherwort forte with magnesium and B6.
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      • Thank)
        I will try to adhere to your advice and I hope this state will pass soon!

  4. Hello! My close friend had chronic depression for the fifth year, he was in a psychiatric hospital, whom he hadn’t contacted, they were stuffed with pills, injections, and all was useless. I can’t feel his pain and torment, but I feel very sorry for him and he is very dear to me. He knows the reason for his depression, he received severe stress, constant fatigue, excitement in the soul. He says that nerves hurt, but he’ll soon be deprived of his rights. Is it really that everything is so complicated and hopeless, although he wants a family, children. What to do, how to be? I tell him, use self-hypnosis, there is a sense in life, you need to believe. What to do, please tell me? His heart bleeds, looking at him as he repeats that he is mortally ill. Thank.

    • Hello Lyuba! You are very responsive, sympathetic, continue to continue to support your loved one. In a depressed state, it is very important to have a person who can talk. From the foregoing, it can be argued that the desire to have your own family will be a way out of chronic depression for your loved one. If you can’t get out of this condition on your own, you need to look for and contact other specialists who will help him. We recommend you to familiarize yourself with:
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  5. Good day! We have a problem with our sister, my husband left, left alone with the child, lived with the hope that everything would turn out and he would change his mind, but he sent her a message: they say she doesn’t need her, but he can pick up the child if she abandons him completely, then she started having problems, at first she for no reason started asking everyone for forgiveness and blaming herself for all mortal sins, then hallucinations started, she insisted that she saw the devil, she began to carry different nonsense, supposedly hears children who have not even been talking to her , a day later I did not realize that n I have to eat, go to the toilet, etc., in general, put her in a psychiatric room, diagnosed with it: she’s deeply depressed, she’s been there for 1.5 months, she was taken home recently, she has a condition of a person who has fallen into childhood, talking to herself, the child does not pay attention, laughs by herself, dances, makes all sorts of incomprehensible movements, in general, put her back to the hospital, as a qualified specialist, tell me, is this like symptoms of depression?

    • Good afternoon, Diana. The symptoms you listed: hallucinations, delusions, changes in the emotional plan, rejection of your own child are symptoms of schizophrenia. We recommend that you read the article:
      / shizofreniya-u-zhenshhin /

    • Diana, and before this case, you did not notice any oddities behind her?

      • The fact of the matter is that nothing portended similar, and this is the first time in the family, i.e. not at the genetic level. Thank.

  6. Hello. I just got a strong apathy for life. I don't want anything. I am not happy with everything that could please before. Everything is parallel to me. And this cynicism leaked to my loved ones, well, it happened that, well, no one happens. I feel very lonely because I have no one to talk to, no one to pour out my life. I constantly feel like sleeping, eating. There were thoughts of suicide, but I understand that this is not an option. I tried the antidepressant "Fluoxetine", I did not get any effect.

    • Hello, Yana. Answer your question: after what exactly or what life events, circumstances influenced the appearance of the first feeling of indifference to everything. Analyze those situations, and what can be changed, try to fix it, what’s not - just take it as you are and start making new plans, dream, invent something new and put it into practice. Depression, apathy arises from a loss of meaning, therefore, we recommend that you motivate yourself on your own without drugs to live for your own sake. Your motivational desire should be so strong that it goes from the inside. You must believe in its significance and importance for yourself.

  7. Hello! For four years now I have a very strange state. I can’t understand what it is. Symptoms: I do not notice the time, my memory became poor, I constantly think about something, but I don’t know what. It happens even if a person talks to me, I don’t listen to him, I think about something else, as if I didn’t live in this world. It seems that I have my own world, in general, a state of some kind of unusual. Before that, I was a very active person, and now I am constantly weak, my interest in everything has disappeared. In general, help me please. Is it generally treated? Who should I contact? I will wait for an answer.

    • Hello, Alec. From what you described, the symptoms have much in common with anhedonia and apathy. It is necessary to understand yourself, namely, “digging” inwardly and finding the root cause of your current state. These may be internal contradictions, for example, the rejection of a fact of life and the desire to forget more and more, hence the problems with memory, not noticing the time. The best way out is to contact a practicing psychologist who will help you understand yourself.
      If the condition worsens, seek the help of a psychotherapist who will prescribe a full examination, exclude somatic diseases and prescribe adequate treatment.
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  8. Is depression a condition? Not. This is a way of life. My lifestyle. Bullying at school, a dysfunctional family, shelters, misunderstanding and rejection of others around me did the trick. I am 20 years old. Total. But I can say for sure: there is no way out of my situation.

    • Eugene, you’re an adult girl, stop living in the past, she will constantly return you to unpleasant memories, plunging into a decadent state and you will again lead a depressive lifestyle. Cross out from life those people with whom you have unpleasant associations. This is very important, since it is likely that you subconsciously will pull the same ones into your life. Tell yourself: "Yes, my life was not a gift, but she also taught a lot." For example, to understand people, to find delights in solitude. Continue the list of positive points yourself. It is extremely important to find at least something positive even in the most difficult moments of life. Believe me, a certain time period will pass and you will very differently talk about unhappy past years. Unfortunately, life is a struggle, but it can be perceived as a game. Begin to build your life anew, to begin with dream - visualize (imagine what you want to have: love, success, financial well-being, etc.). Be active, change your image and atmosphere, make new friends, smile, go in for sports. We recommend that you read the article:
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  9. Hello. I read your article and realized that I was in a stage of deep depression and did not see a way out of this state. After the betrayal of her husband, she was undergoing a divorce, still somehow tried to hold on, but a constant state of stress led to a loss of work. It just somehow all became unnecessary. Further worse. Now it happens that I can sleep for days, because I don’t want to do anything else, I can not sleep or eat at all. Recently, there are more and more thoughts that there is no reason to live. The children stop, I try to do something for their sake, but I understand that I just can’t do it anymore. I can’t get out of this state for more than four months. I stopped talking with friends, I do not want to see and hear anyone. How to get out of this state? And is it really worth it?

    • Hello Irina. In order for depression to recede, first of all, it is necessary to desire this very much and find a new meaning in life. If you do not want to get out of bed, then you should force yourself to get up, put yourself in order, build and implement daily plans by the power of thought. It is important to realize that your depression is just a condition that will surely pass over time, but how quickly it depends on you.
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  10. Hello. I have a partial coincidence with the information above and I want to contact the specialists of your site regarding the solution of my mental problems. How can I do it?

    • Hello Alnrog. You can ask questions here and get advice on your problem; specialists of our site do not conduct extramural treatment. If you find your symptoms in the information above, you can safely contact a practicing psychotherapist.

  11. Predispositions in the family did not happen to anyone. Thank you very much, we will be treated))

  12. Thank you for the advice. But I can’t control the situation much, because she lives far away ((Only by telephone. And what about the treatment ... now can she take any medications that will prevent re-psychosis?
    P.S. I persuaded her to change her place of residence. Because I thought that it would be better for her. After all, at the previous place of residence everything reminded of what happened. And people, you know, would go around asking, would slow down her soul. Do you think I did wrong ? She herself does not know where she wants to live and with whom, as she told me.

    • Elena, there are no methods and drugs for the prevention of psychosis. It is important that the patient himself monitors the deterioration of his condition and promptly seek help from a doctor. To relieve symptoms of depression, we recommend Motherwort-Forte with magnesium B6, which will reduce tearfulness and increased nervous irritability in your mother, and use antidepressants, sedatives, antipsychotics, tranquilizers, and psychotherapy to treat psychosis, which can only be prescribed by your doctor.

      • As I understand it, you should not wait for a full recovery after what happened? She is still young (45 years old). Motherwort forte and sold with magnesium B6, or are these different components?) Thank you very much for your help.

        • Motherwort-Forte with magnesium B6 is one drug. Method of administration: by mouth, 1 to 2 tablets daily, with meals, the course is not limited.
          If the cause of the underlying disease is not a genetic predisposition, then it is possible to minimize the likelihood of relapse.

  13. Hello. I would like to consult about my mom. About a year and a half ago, she was put in a psychiatric hospital with a diagnosis of acute psychosis. Before that, for a long time in her life, everything went awry, both personally and financially. In a word, everywhere ( (Therefore, this outcome was not surprising. She was treated there for about 3 months, and we took her home. She changed the situation, lives in another city, with relatives, with her husband (before that she lived, because I am already an adult, I live separately, and they didn’t live with dad for about 6 years). That's how much time has passed neither, but she has been depressed all this time. For her there are no joys in life, neither the arrival of her relatives, nor any pleasant events touch her. Angry at all (except me, it seems to me) cries every day, while she herself She couldn’t explain the reason for her current condition. After the hospital, she didn’t take any medicine (honestly speaking, I took it myself, and the doctors didn’t even tell me if she still needed to drink something at home). I think maybe it was still necessary to drink more any medications for rehabilitation? ... I’m very afraid that something will happen to her again It’s because it’s not normal to live in such a state. What can you tell me? Or advise how I can help her.

    • Hello, Elena. Your excitement is justified, given the current state of your mother. At the moment, the main task is the prevention of exacerbation of psychosis. This condition can be provoked by psychological influences, external and internal (internal mental conflicts). In the case of aggravation of the state of the mother, you will need to look for a full-time doctor, and select medical treatment. In turn, our recommendations include the following: your mother needs the support and understanding of her family, a calm, friendly attitude, she should be carried away by something, daily walks are mandatory, monitor her physical health (do not ignore chronic diseases), protect from stresses, overheating (negatively affect the functioning of the brain), exclude alcohol intake, you should refrain from traveling (change of residence is stress, perhaps for this reason depression has worsened).

  14. Hello! I have already had depression for 5 years and all of the symptoms listed, but have not yet reached the stage of autism or complete decline, but I don’t have the strength. I haven’t been working for a long time, I’m at home, I don’t work, I don’t care about anything external, I go to the store and go to the doctors. The worst thing is that there are almost all factors depressing, from losing a mother to financial and personal losses, a protracted court. I have been to the neurosis clinic in Yekaterinburg several times, but it doesn’t help, I already know all the trainings by heart and they are repeated, everything is getting worse, sleep and weight are getting worse, there is no joy, frequent unbearable bouts of depression. Can you please tell me where else in Russia you can go through a long rehabilitation and treatment, preferably cheaper (often CHI, partially paid)? Ready to go to any city.

    • Hello Anton! Based on what you described, even the most expensive Moscow clinics cannot guarantee a 100% cure. For our part, we recommend that you turn to a hypnotherapist who will extract the root cause of your current condition from the subconscious and help you cope with it.

    • You can always go through treatment and rehabilitation ... a little later ... try to go to the temple first and just sit there ... if you know "our father" - read ... Your depression is just a condition that will surely pass over time, but how quickly it depends You ... open your soul to God.

    • I also have it, regular. It’s frequent, it’s not. All winter it seemed like everything was ok, but now it starts again throughout the week. Somehow I realized for myself that the whole thing is in our head. I decided to treat my head. Unnecessary thoughts, etc. Somehow a friend advised me on yoga. He took me to a very cool teacher, I live in Moscow, the teacher's name is Maxim Zaporozhtsev. This is not advertising, I say from my own experience. Then it was really bad for me. Six months there was no state of mind. So, after the first lesson, or rather at the end, everyone is resting ... At that moment I felt such a blissful state that a smile spread from my face with happiness, as I was born again, there was a void in my head. Went 3 months, it helped great. Of course, I didn’t tell anyone about it there. Now I'm starting to think about sessions again. Bullshit is a topic.

  15. Again, I cling to his words that I loved ... After birth, the child was often sick, I was in a very twitchy state and did not always respond adequately. As he said, my jealousy and tantrums killed everything in him. This is to the fact that I do not relieve myself of part of the guilt in this situation.

    • Tatyana, you must honestly answer yourself: “Do I want to save my family?” Answering in the affirmative, you need to think about why my husband fell in love with me and how to restore my old feelings. It’s great that you understand and do not attribute jealousy and female tantrums to feelings that strengthen marriage. Therefore, it is necessary to say goodbye to these negative emotions forever and turn into that beautiful, sweet, beloved, charming, understanding, which you were at the best moments of your life. It would be great if the opportunity presents itself to revive former feelings, having retired together on vacation. Regarding the fears of loneliness, I want to note that such emotions are common to all women. Therefore, they must be treated normally, gradually, overcoming. In the event of an upcoming separation, it is ideal for parents to communicate their decision together with the child.

  16. I just don’t know where to start. I’m not sure that I can resist if he comes again ... or I myself won’t give the back one. There is a fear of loneliness, a fear of not meeting a “big feeling”, fear for a child (I have a daughter, and now men with inclinations cannot always be recognized right away). And most importantly, how to explain to the daughter what is happening so that subsequently not to spoil her idea of ​​the family, the role of men in her.
    PS: For a long time it has been nibbling and I'm glad to get at least some answer. Thank.

  17. Hello. And if another person observes this, but he flatly refuses to contact a specialist, is it possible to help him? In such a state for quite a long time, in periods: mood lift, desire to change something, but at the first failure, or not justified expectation, return to a state of depression. During the conversation he says that he is not happy at all, does not consider the prospects of a happy life, he does not like himself. Even a child does not bring joy to him.

    • Hello Tatiana! Until your man finds and solves his problem, which led him to a depressive state, he will experience all its manifestations. On your part, you can support your husband with encouraging conversations, a pleasant pastime, but if he does not want to get out of this state and does not make efforts, all your efforts will be in vain.

      • The fact is that they converged and diverged several times, there was treason on his part. We decided to try again, but only in the end we come to alienation. In the course of the next conversation, it turned out that he was returning at the insistence of his parents, but in fact he believes that we got married in vain, that before 30 he did not plan a family or a child, and I broke into his life and changed her so quickly and so much (I must say that the child is not planned and signed for being in the 7th month). He tries, but after a month the recession begins, and I, too, because of unfulfilled promises in constant tension. For my part, there is a clear emotional dependence, but it is not possible to live like that anymore. I want to break this circle.

        • Tatyana, statistics say that half of all pregnancies in couples are not planned, but this does not prevent spouses from being happy. Most likely your husband was not psychologically ready for such changes, he did not mature as a person, and the very situation of pregnancy prompted to take responsibility in creating a family only out of a sense of duty, and not love for you. From your comment you can see that you understand this very well and answered the question yourself, how do you live on.

  18. Hello! Everything coincides with me, only there is one more problem, I can’t discuss it with anyone, the language doesn’t turn anyone to bother with this.

    • Hello Daria! If you have a problem and want to solve it, then seeking the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist is almost as natural as visiting a doctor during an illness. On our site we offer virtual psychological assistance. A written statement of what is bothering you will help you to think about an individual problem, bring clarity, understanding and relief. Knowing that you are not being watched will allow you to more open up and be yourself. Of course, not a single specialist will solve the problem overnight, but he can, based on experience and professional knowledge, help to figure out what is happening and together with you to find a solution that is best for you.

  19. Hello. All of these symptoms should be present or not. If it’s hard for me to force myself to go to bed, it happens that I get disconnected from fatigue on the floor and just cannot go to bed in time to bed. And then it’s very difficult to wake up in time. and about appetite - on the contrary, I have a constant eerie desire to eat everything and more - there is absolutely no sense of fullness (popularly - zhor) and it is very difficult to restrain myself so that the weight does not grow so rapidly. As a result, the stomach does not stand and removes the contents - vomiting begins. And then everything from the beginning. But the weight does not go away and continues to grow.

    • Faith, hello. The symptoms listed by you indicate chronic overfatigue and, as a result, the occurrence of bulimia nervosa. In order to restore physical health (full sleep and normal eating), you need to identify your internal feelings that led to these disorders. Physical recovery should be aimed at controlling emerging life problems. Examining specific information on bulimia problems will help you in controlling your weight. The ultimate goal of psychotherapeutic measures is to accept yourself for who you are and the desire to lead a healthy life. Recovery of psychological and physical health will take a lot of time, and therefore the results will be gradual. The main thing is patience and self-confidence, which are an important part of the recovery process.