Depression before menstruation

depression before menstruation photos Depression before menstruation is very familiar to many women. Most femins do not know how to deal with this temporary emotional discomfort, and do not fully understand the causes of this phenomenon, but it is on these days that the largest number of women went to doctors for help. Scientists attribute this behavior to a loss of self-control and increased suspiciousness. Experts have noticed that it is on these days that women who are addicted to alcohol and drugs take them more often and more than usual. In addition, on critical days, women are more likely to get into an accident while driving a car.
The causes of depression before menstruation lie in a change in the hormonal background of the fairer sex. The level of estrogen hormones in the blood drops sharply from the 21st to the 28th day of the menstrual cycle, and significant changes occur in the body of femins. The most surprising thing is that the additional intake of estrogen these days does not give any effect. Therefore, scientists attribute other factors to the causes of depression before menstruation. It can be seasonal, emotional disorders, exacerbating thyroid dysfunction, stress, etc. Also, most scientists believe that hysterical, neuropathic women with an unstable psyche are susceptible to critical depression on critical days.

Why is depression before menstruation? One of the versions of the occurrence of a depressive state includes malnutrition, so if you change the nutrition system these days, then the symptoms of this ailment can be avoided.

Symptoms of depression before menstruation doctors distinguish the following:

- tearfulness, resentment, anxiety;

- aggression , sudden outbursts of anger;

- irritability, conflict;

- headaches, longing, mood swings;

- constant nervous tension, distraction, weakness;

- increased fatigue, indecision;

- the feeling that everything is falling out of hand;

- susceptibility to household troubles (cuts, burns, etc.);

- poor reaction and carelessness;

- forgetfulness, confusion in thoughts;

- insomnia or drowsiness;

- increased perception of noise;

- increased appetite;

- uncontrollable craving for flour and sweets.

First of all, in women, the onset of depressive signs is noticed by the immediate environment, feminians themselves may not even notice the symptoms. The first signs are sleep problems, irritability . Then, behavioral disorders in the form of refusals from actions that bring earlier emotional satisfaction are added. Mental and motor retardation is noted, often femin refuses food. You can suspect a depressed state if a sociable and cheerful woman begins to avoid the usual contacts, self-isolates and behaves closed. Somatic manifestations are also noted: pain in the joints, muscles, and mammary glands. If all of the above symptoms occur, it will be better to seek the help of a therapist. Lack of skilled care can lead to suicidal attempts.

How to avoid depression before menstruation? “What is bad about menstruation?” Women often do not know how to help themselves. Doctors advise to drink intensely diuretic infusions at this time, eat unsalted food. The diet includes foods rich in vitamin B6 and potassium (fish, dairy products, eggs, bananas, dried apricots, apples, grapes, raisins, legumes, broccoli, bran bread, chocolate, cocoa, etc.). Drug therapy is prescribed by a psychotherapist individually and with urgent need. All femin is recommended to take vitamins A and E, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B6 preparations during this period, which interfere with the accumulation of estrogens and activate their metabolism.

Exercising will help to cope with the symptoms of a depressed state faster, so you should not give up sports, but it is only recommended to reduce the load. Walking at a brisk pace, running, swimming, breathing exercises can cheer you up.

If depression still does not leave before menstruation, then psychologists advise not to accumulate negative, but to splash it out. For example, to break a plate, sit down 20 times intensively, go out to a park or a deserted place and scream, take a pillow and start to beat it, until all negative emotions come out, if there is a need to cry, then it’s better not to fight it, but let tears flow.

Alone, it’s better not to suffer, but to call a friend for help. A friend will definitely listen, especially since soon, she will also need to be supported on difficult days. Having discussed the unenviable fate of women, psychologists advise to go shopping together, as shopping is an excellent tool against depression during menstruation. The main thing to remember is that an unpleasant condition lasts only a few days a month, and it will certainly end.

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